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While we love giving tours we also understand not everyone has time to tour our facility, so here is a video and pictures of our facility.

We have worked very hard to maintain a clean, organized, up to date facility. We clean every room daily using non-toxic cleaners for all kennels, floors and the turf. We also wash bedding, towels and water bowls daily, to keep everything fresh. We hope when you walk into Enzo’s you don’t smell “dog” or any foul oder. 

Walking in the front doors to our lobby, it’s pretty minimal with a few chairs and a klime, place bed for your dog to sit on while waiting their turn to check in. Both Dawn and DJ have offices off to both sides of the lobby so they are typically close by, but if you don’t see us there is a doorbell on the counter to let us know you have arrived. 

Thinking about sending your dog to a dog trainer or dog training facility? Here are a few things to consider first!

If I am sending them to stay with a trainer or training facility:

What is the physical location and address of the facility?

1519 S Parkway Battle Ground Wa, is our facility address.

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Can you tour the facility? - Is the business licensed and insured?

Yes, and once you send in a training request first, so we know what you are looking for, and we can make sure we are a good fit! Just schedule with DJ.

Yes we are licended and fully insured. Our licenses hang in our lobby.

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Do they have an online presence, social media and website? If so, did you look at their social media and website?

Yes we have a large social media on Instagram, FaceBook and our website is being updated as we speak!

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Did you read the reviews? Were they just a star system or did the review actually tell you about the business and its employees?

Yes, we have over 170 google reviews! 

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When you talk to the trainer, were they personable? Are they the kind of person you want in your life for a long time?
I think we are very personable and excellent! We are very transparent and want you to know your trainers, check out our Meet the Pack page under the About drop down.
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Is there 24-hour care at the facility? Is there heating and cooling in the place they sleep?
YES! Someone is here 24 hours a day, and we are fully automated with cameras, and live smoke detectors through google and nest.
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If the dog is going to a trainer's house all these questions should apply too.
I used to run Enzo's out of my farm/home, and I followed all these rules too! But now we are in our facility.
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Are you clear about the policies, philosophies, and procedures you are signing up for?
Hopefully, these are clear but look at our FAQ page at
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Here is a big one, is the facility clean, organized and professional to your liking?
OMG, have we met? I am an OCD freak.
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Do they train all breeds?
YES, YES, YES. But we don't accept all humans 😜.
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Do they make your dog be spay or neutered?
Oh no! We want your dog to stay intact as long as you can manage them properly, no need for accidental liters of puppies.
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What is their health criteria?
Ours is very strict! Check out our website for all the health rules.
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Have you actually seen them handle dogs? Or is it a secret....
We work dogs around clients in person and in videos. There are no secrets in dog training!
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Will your dog interact with other dogs while at the facility? Play time vs work time.
Yes, Yes, Yes. We pride ourselves in proper play time and work with the pack mentality.
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What are their policies regarding communication while your dog is with them?
Text, or email as much as you want and we will respond. We receive about 50 calls a day, and DJ is always on the phone talking with clients so texting and emailing is best for the fastest response.
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If they transport your dog, what vehicle do they use, and how are they managed while in the vehicle?
We have a chevy all-wheel drive van, and they are in kennels when we go on field trips.
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Only you can determine if a trainer and facility is "right" for you. If I missed anything please email your questions and we are happy to answer them!

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